2017 in review

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2017 Review

It’s been busy end to the year for the team at Compac. Let have a look at Compac’s 2017 review.
We’ve worked on some large projects, some smaller projects, we’ve created new relationships, maintained some existing relationships and generally had a lot of fun along the way. Here is a few of the jobs that we, as a team, have created.

Hopman Cup
Compac has been the exclusive signage supplier to the Hopman Cup since 1990. We’ve maintained a healthy working relationship through many changes. To the tournament and the people involved in it. Advances in materials and printing technology has allowed Compac to offer more dynamic signage solutions to the Hopman Cup to engage with their spectators.

City of Joondalup
The City of Joondalup requires many forms of signage, of which way-finding is one of the most important. Way-finding signage enables (in this case) the City of Joondalup to direct visitors to their destination. Way-finding signs can be large and small but each item has an important role to play regardless of size.

Every now and then you get a job that’s different to all the rest. This job was one of them. The sign was installed in the north-western mining town of Karratha in the Pilbara. The image and text was four colour printed onto vitreous enamel. Due to the way it’s made (heat), it is extremely durable. Perfect for the harsh Pilbara summers. It is said to last for up to one hundred years. We have done some of these in the past in different locations with one being unveiled by Buzz Aldrin at the space centre in Carnarvon. That’s our claim to fame!