City of Karratha


Custom fabricated entry statement signage for the City of Karratha City of Karratha - Custom Fabrication Custom fabrication jobs like this one, for City of Karratha, require much planning prior to production. It's the kind of job that requires the best of our employees from [...]

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Importance of Signage


Importance of Signage Importance of Signage Being in the signage industry, we’re bias of course. But to us signage is of the utmost importance to your business. It is the primary visual element people see. Whether it be on your building, outside your building or on your [...]

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Engaging Interior Design Using Signage Products


Using sign and visual products, interior design becomes more engaging. There are a range of products available to organisations like Compac that can transform a surface from wasted space to something much more imaginative. Vinyl Products Vinyl or sticker material has changed drastically since it's beginnings. With different vinyl products custom-produced for various [...]

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Compac on Instagram


Compac now has Instagram! Now we can show off some of our awesome projects straight into your daily Instagram feed. For a bit of inspiration and to keep up with the latest sign and visual trends, projects and innovations follow us at For even further inspiration from around the world check out our signage categories on Pinterest!

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