More than just Signage


More than just Signage More than just Signage Pop quiz. Which of these describes signage most accurately? Signage is only about printing stickers. Signage is only printing stickers and painting buildings. Signage is only printing stickers, painting buildings and wrapping vehicles. Signage is only printing stickers, painting buildings, wrapping [...]

More than just Signage2018-08-01T11:46:32+08:00

City of Karratha


Custom fabricated entry statement signage for the City of Karratha City of Karratha - Custom Fabrication Custom fabrication jobs like this one, for City of Karratha, require much planning prior to production. It's the kind of job that requires the best of our employees from [...]

City of Karratha2018-05-03T11:05:05+08:00

2017 in review


2017 in review If you're on social media, follow us on Instagram 2017 Review It’s been busy end to the year for the team at Compac. Let have a look at Compac's 2017 review. We’ve worked on some large [...]

2017 in review2017-12-19T11:06:44+08:00

Wayfinding Signage Improving Health & Placemaking


If you're getting around the City of Joondalup in the coming weeks consider jumping on a bike or throwing on your favourite runners... The City of Joondalup has recently rolled out innovative wayfinding signage across the district. Not only useful as directional assistance, this signage encourages the use of walking and bicycle use by displaying approximate travel times [...]

Wayfinding Signage Improving Health & Placemaking2017-03-14T12:35:12+08:00

Fabricated entry statement pylons


Fabricated entry statement pylons. We know how to make an entry (..statement). Grab attention with a feature pylon, like this one. It was installed at Sunrise Estate, Wellard. Compac has made and installed many fabricated entry statement pylons around Perth. Check out other pylon designs at our Pinterest page.

Fabricated entry statement pylons2016-11-23T14:42:00+08:00
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