Custom fabricated entry statement signage for the City of Karratha

City of Karratha – Custom Fabrication

Custom fabrication jobs like this one, for City of Karratha, require much planning prior to production. It’s the kind of job that requires the best of our employees from all departments. In this case the design was received from an external party and we worked tirelessly to ensure we produced a product that was expected from us.
Once planning was completed, laser cutting the aluminium fired the starting gun on the custom fabrication job. The laser cut sheets formed the basis of the entire structure. With a little bit of welding and grinding the structure was freestanding. It was fabricated in two parts to assist with transportation to Karratha (Northwest WA).

The next stage was to get the sign looking pretty. Some polish and paint saw to that. While this was ongoing, acrylic letters were routed , edges painted & installed. LED lighting had been wired into the main body to illuminate the acrylic.

Both items were wrapped and packed onto a flatbed and taken to Karratha for installation. Prior to arrival, a couple of team members had flown up to Karratha to excavate the install location and pour the concrete footing.

Compac is pleased to have had the opportunity to work on a project like this and we hope to complete many more like it.