Using sign and visual products, interior design becomes more engaging. There are a range of products available to organisations like Compac that can transform a surface from wasted space to something much more imaginative.

Vinyl Products

Vinyl or sticker material has changed drastically since it’s beginnings. With different vinyl products custom-produced for various purposes there is a vinyl for all surfaces. In particular, there is specialty vinyl for windows and walls with different textures and opacities that make it’s applications in interior design exciting.

Wall Graphics

Taking the lead from wallpaper, wall graphic is an easy to install, air-release vinyl that removes the need to use messy wallpaper paste and can be removable and non-destructive to the wall. Custom-printed and finished in a range of finishes – gloss, satin or matt – wall graphic is a great option for those wanting to add colour to their wall. Make it pop by layering vinyl or layers of material for dimension.

Window Vinyl

Increase the vibrancy and extend your branding throughout your building with more than just the standard safety strip. Printed on clear stock or cut from solid colour vinyl you can custom design your windows so that they not only add a little privacy but also add character to any window.

 Frosted Window Vinyl

An extension of window graphics, frosted vinyl originated from replicating frosted etch glass. This technology has improved so far that it now has a range of finishes, can be cut to any shape and printed on and customised to user requirements. A popular choice for extending privacy among our clients.

Adding Dimension – Working with layers and cut shapes

Panels, Router Cut Shapes & More

Thinking beyond the two-dimensional, Compac has the ability to router cut shapes to create 3-dimensional layers out of most materials you can imagine. Adding a third dimension to your space is more engaging and catches the eye.

Curtin Medical School

Working With Georgiou, Compac helped produced a vibrant, engaging facility that included wall graphics, window prints and acrylic lettering amongst some specialty feature panels from engraved wood. More here.

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