More than just Signage

More than just Signage

Pop quiz. Which of these describes signage most accurately?

  1. Signage is only about printing stickers.
  2. Signage is only printing stickers and painting buildings.
  3. Signage is only printing stickers, painting buildings and wrapping vehicles.
  4. Signage is only printing stickers, painting buildings, wrapping vehicles and installing digital panels.
  5. Signage is working with the client to interpret their ideas into tangible compositions.

The truth is, first, second, third, fourth and fifth are all correct. But number five is our favourite. Signs these days are truely like works of art with many different layers and techniques frequently used.

The signage industry is multi-faceted because we design, create, innovate, fabricate, manufacture, spray paint, paint, cut, router, assemble, construct and install. We evolve our manufacture techniques with technological advances. Signs can typically have many elements to them. A fabricated steel core, clad or wrapped with cnc cut aluminium composite material (ACM) with digital prints applied, laser cut acrylic letters or logo applied, internally illuminated with LEDs. Signs can be less than a metre wide, they can be more than twenty metres wide. They can be installed on the ground, they can be installed high on the roof of a building. We make things from steel, wood, acrylic, composites and aluminium to name a few.

So, signage is much more than stickers. Much more than stickers and paint. Much more than stickers, paint and digital. It’s about utilising our creative imagination to make your thoughts reality. It’s #MoreThanJustSignage