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Project Description

FEATURE: Illuminated / Lit Signage

There are many ways to make your signage shine, but one of the original and most effective ways is to add a splash of light.

Illuminated Signage comes in many forms today, and with the clever use of modern light technology can make all the difference between standing out and fading into the background. There are a number of categories that illuminated or ‘lighted signage’, can be split into, and these are dependent on the form that they take;

Fabricated Signage

Compac’s product quality and service with regard to illuminated signage far exceeds anyone I have ever worked with.

Dane Rose, Poolegrave Signs

Compac has a great reputation in the signage industry of manufacturing quality illuminated signage. Consultants with a healthy back-catalogue of projects, strong product knowledge and an expert manufacturing team incorporating a licensed electrician, guarantee that Compac has the edge in illuminated signage.

Made from material ranging from stainless steel to acrylic, fabricated 3D lettering is internally lit and sets itself apart from the competition with its raised, bold profile.

wilson parking LED plinth sign

An LED panel incorporated into your signage is the ultimate in creating an interactive standout sign. LED signage can be customised to send adjustable or seasonal messages to suit your needs.

Built shapes or lettering stood off from a background with illuminated backing. The spread of light from behind the lettering creates a halo-lit effect around the shapes creating a celestial illuminated finish.

Routered panels let the light through, whilst opal acrylic lettering or designs diffuses the light to catch the eye.

JR Duty Free

Using a fabricated box to backlit your printed design is a solid way to get seen.

Choose between hard-wired or wireless solar spotlights for an environmentally friendly and practical way to illuminate your signage after the sun goes down.