Rio Tinto ‘Groundbreakers’ Sculpture

Compac was engaged by Stanfeld Signs to create a unique sculptural, custom signage piece to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Rio Tinto’s first shipment of iron ore from the Pilbara. The concept was a rotating 3-dimensional “50” logo that was to be made of 25mm solid steel rod on a solid base of local timber uplit by LED lighting. This challenge of creating a structure that should form a maze of steel rod and form a perfect logo from only one logo was met perfectly by our skilled fabrication department. The piece has been displayed at various exhibitions and functions by the organisation and now resides in their HQ in Perth. Check out the mini video to see the results.

Client: Rio Tinto (via Stanfeld Signs)

Project: Rotating Sculpture “Groundbreakers”

Details: Anamorphic, rotating, LED up-lit and powder-coated, twisted steel with local hardwood sculpture and display stand.

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