Signage Management:

Why One Quote is Better Than Three

Building a relationship with a single signage consultant to manage your complete signage service can uncover unseen benefits in quality, cost, creativity service potential

Save money and time.

Using the same supplier time and again allows for your signage company to order larger quantities of materials and bundle tasks together, which in turn reduces costs. Compac exclusively looks after Bunnings signage management in WA, and with repeat orders of products like directory signage, product-information signage, banners and sign-written building fascias allows Compac to pass on savings of manufacturing processes, paint, material and stock to them.

Aside from not waiting on quotes from different suppliers, a single signage company will have good knowledge of what you require, the manufacturing stock, processes involved and the ability to make and install it quicker. Should you require an urgent, last minute job, a close relationship with your sign supplier could guarantee that they move heaven and earth to make your project happen in time. Even the best laid plans are subject to last minute ‘X’-factors!

Additionally, reusing or re-purposing signage from stock is a surefire way to drastically reduce costs. Burgess Rawson, one of Australia’s largest commercial real estate organisations utilises Compac Marketing Australia for signage management in WA. With over 330 retail signs throughout the metropolitan area, Compac has customised a digital signage tracking system to identify the location of signs to be removed, resurfaced and repurposed as new at other locations, saving them tens of thousands each year.

Work on better solutions.

Having a Signage Consultant who understands the intrinsic needs and usability of your signage projects allows them to research and offer innovative solutions for your organisation. Recently Compac developed innovative prototypes of retail signage systems for both Coles and Bunnings by identifying creative uses for new-to-market signage products. These prototypes are currently being trialled for potential use throughout Australia.

Maintain product & brand consistency.

Using the same manufacturing process, design setup, products, paint and printing specifications guarantees brand consistency. If you regularly outsource to multiple sign production companies you may find out there are more than fifty shades of grey out there. Compac relentlessly makes extra time to ensure our signage production is consistent and to brand specifications.

Promotes use of quality products.

Many companies (certainly in Compac’s experience) undercut competitors in a bidding situation by substituting materials with cheaper and sometimes imitation products. More often than not, and occasionally proving catastrophic, Compac has witnessed sub-par material replacement used by competitors with under-cut prices; even repairing a fallen 15m pylon due to the use of cheaper, non-galvanised footings. Compac has a wealth of experience, product knowledge, and is driven to use the best manufacturing practices and quality for value materials available. Every job Compac completes has a quality guarantee with a 1-year warranty period on all it’s signage, with further product specific warranties guaranteed for several years.

Learn to be more creative with signage.

Gain a clear understanding of how versatile signage products are, and the manufacturing potential of your signage organisation. A well-versed signage consultant can explain sign manufacturing capabilities whilst expanding your sign-and-visual manufacturing and product knowledge.

Compac provides a complete signage management service to some of Australia’s top organisations.

With a massive in-house fabrication department and consultants eager to please, Compac combines the value of a direct manufacturer with the hassle-free benefits of using a consultancy

Join clients like Bunnings Warehouse, Burgess-Rawson, Hanson Group, Department of Sport & Recreation among many others in using Compac for your organisations complete signage management.

The signage management Compac provides is invaluable in both service and value. We’ve built a great relationship with our consultant, Sheree. We’d now find it hard to do it any other way.

Jacquie Flynn, Burgess Rawson Commercial Real Estate


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